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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Mr Modi Becoming The Next Prime Minister of India: Can He? Should He?

The largest democracy in the world, the Indian democracy, is airing the most closely watched election in 2014. Although competition says players are ruling UPA, opposition NDA and the yet-to-be-born 3rd front - with many stalwarts, and compulsion says coalition politics is an inescapable reality of today's politics, this election could say all will change. No wonder, coalition difficulty is pushing at least the BJP to do away with it altogether.

British Parliament's Decision Not To Attack Syria: Wrong Timing? Wrong Decision?

With it depending on what voters think at voting time — not before not after — voting results can be different than what even experts mesmerise us with. Almost tracing that, British Parliament decided not to strike Syria following latter's alleged use of chemical weapons. While many shared the surprise of Cameron, Osborne even added the need for 'national soul-searching'. Although wrong timing can answer this surprising result, more is required to answer the rights and the wrongs of the decision

The Syrian Problem And How To Solve It

Almost as victory after victory, while fragmenting Ottoman Empire, Europeans lessened the power of Muslims; converting Umma loyalty to nation loyalty they weakened Islam itself. Like workers of the world unite, although transcending borders Bath party almost seemed to reverse it, being lesser believers in Allah, it hit Islam more. Adding fuel to fire, the made-stable minority government was designed to make sure weakness remained static and arms sales increased for its defence. Seeing influence and cash, Russia descended from the North and China saw something good in the west.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Jinnah's House Destroyed By Militants: Did Jinnah Fathom It Coming When He Created Pakistan?

The destruction of the house of Baba Quam (Father of the Nation) of Pakistan, M. A. Jinnah, is indeed sad but not a surprise. That's because its seed was sown in India long before Pakistan even saw the light of the day.

State of the Indian State: Scant Thinkers Two Corruptions And Three Epidemics: Solving Those and Making It a World Leader

Almost parallel to it being serially and as a matter of fact(ly) ruled by the Muslims, British, Marxists and then by globalisation, Mark Twain's favourite country, India, that according to western pundits was destined to doom after freedom through its 'polytheism' as opposed to Pakistan with its monotheism, finally came up with 'India shining'.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Rape Epidemic: Causes, Facilitators, Types, Epidemiology and Prevention of This Modern Disease

 Although we are Homo sapiens as a species, we are not homogeneous. It is often said ‘Man is what he thinks’. While it is these thoughts that make men feel like raping--like the making of other thoughts--there are many factors that influences their actions.