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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Is Twitter, Facebook or Google+ The Best Social Networking Site For Your Message Spread?

Although grouped as ‘social networking sites’, when rivalry & peculiarities are considered, commonality amongst the 3 titans almost ends there. Almost reminding West European principalities competing & cutting each other’s soldiers that enticed exploration of the

‘resterners’, cut throat competition between the ‘principalities’ of this network entices exploration of technology & psychology. However, unlike resentment of the former, this competition finds no haters.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Sexual Revolution Brought STD And Social Change: Is Our World Becoming A Fearful Place?

Even if this atheistic civilization is getting rid of fear of divine Hell, far from not having an end, our fears seem to multiply like rabbits. Although EU allayed French fear of having to sleep with both eyes open following unification of Germany, and tactical demise of the Soviet allayed Cold War fears, emergence of Communist China gives a Capitalist threat.

Even if not the fear of annihilation of nations, Atom Bomb gives us the chilling Cuban Missile Crisis.Furthermore, chillingly reminding America imported Syphilis epidemic that also seems to suggest ‘imported’ isn’t always good, sexual revolution given sexual freedom is creating a dangerous world.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Mumbai And Delhi Terrorist Attacks: Will India Shining Vanish And Indians Share Pakistani Life?

Although strike by terrorists shifted from the commercial capital, Mumbai, to the state capital, Delhi, in their latest success story, many facts remained strikingly the same. Elusiveness of the plan, death of ordinary innocents, chaotic hospital visits by healthy politicians, condemnation of terrorism and the appeals for calmness, all remained the same. Matching that and planning secrecy, terrorists remained as elusive as Harrison Ford in ‘The Fugitive’.
As gleefully desired by the political class denizens repeated the mantra ‘We must remain united’, and tracing ‘We won’t bow down to terrorism’ even reinvented routine life the next day.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Recent UK Riots: Is The French Revolution’s Product - ‘Right of Man’ - At Fault?

While astrologers and futurologists may be scratching their heads for not predicting the recent UK riots, and Nostradamus fans might try to re-interprets the man’s quatrains,
sociologists might be scratching their heads to figure out whether it will repeat.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Do We Need Anonymity For Surfing Like The Laws For Phone Tapping?

The recent phone tapping issue not only closed UK’s paper, News of the World, and left its innocent workers at disarray but also incited a clash between the border disregarding merchants (Rupert Murdoch's empire) and the border defending politicians. Almost reminding Clash of civilizations, a Hindu could easily see a clash between Kchhetrias and Vaisyas.
Although the paper died, following the clash, BSkyB suddenly survived.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Why The New York Times Reporting On Straus-Kahn Case Is Bad Reporting?

With civilized society not functioning properly without justice and society even turning into ‘jungle raj’ without it, people even sacrifice their lives for the sake of it. While a civilized justice system offers punishment to those who break the law, it makes sure that even criminals are entitled to justice.
A thief cannot be assaulted by a mob. Law takes its course. Similarly, although her profession is to make love with many people and her character cannot be said to be ideal, a forceful sex with a prostitute is still regarded as rape. That is what a civilized society is all about.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Can Distressed Pakistan Fight Terrorism On Its Soil After The Karachi Attack?

Formed out of fear of Hindu majority, maintained by hostility towards India, ruled by the only institute that is widely respected there- the army, and prided by Gen Zia’s islamization, secular designed Pakistan suddenly looked so united and strong.

With voters either not turning up to vote- that shocked Ms Bhutto once, or uneasily voting for the lesser of the two evils in exclusion of the fresher Imran Khan, its ordinary mortals didn’t quite mind military takeovers. 

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Did Distrust Of Pakistan Aid In The Nabbing Of Bin Laden?

Although an admired figure for some Muslims but bogyman and a shadowy one for the rest, almost reminding an episode of massive heart attack, Bin Laden is suddenly dead and World is abuzz with ‘Bin Laden’- the talk of the town. Although ‘world will be a safer place’ and his ascent to heaven after a ‘brilliant’ burial is doubted, improved chances of Obama’s reelection isn’t.

Ever since he made the mighty empire come down to its knees with double hit on the twin towers, almost reminding Helen of Troy, this man made nations clash. Robbed of nationhood and badly bruised but not quite dead, akin to sacrifice for a cause, this millionaire headed for Tora Bora caves- where only a kind God, if not an incompetent CIA extended his life on earth.