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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Impeachment Attempt on The Chief Justice; Has The Congress Party Diminished The Prestige of India?

Four senior judges against one
Indian opposition parties have almost come together to impeach the Chief Justice of their country. Before that the learned senior judges of the Indian Supreme Court had come out to the public opposing the allocation of judges by their Chief Justice, Mr Misra.

Both the incidents have not only hurt the international reputation of India, they have hurt the prestige of the institution, which has the last word in conviction of the guilty and whose members are spoken of as honourable judges.

Indian Prime Minister Modi's Demonetisation: Is it Good or Bad For India And The Global Village?

When the world was busy with the American presidential election results on 8th Nov 2016, Indian media suddenly interrupted their programmes to show PM Modi; who using his executive authority declared a ban on the Rs500 and Rs1000 bank notes from that midnight. As if it was a nostalgic stimulus from its first PM Nehru's 'When the world sleeps India wakes up at the midnight hour', it almost kept Indians awake with uncertainty. With the black money holders not having a chance to cash in that night, society facing endless serpentine lines the next day, money not reaching the villages after that, cash not being available for marriage, buying of seeds and giving away daily wages even after that and making a feast out of all that opposition ganging up against the government India was shaken to the core. It seemed, the only ones, who made money were the economists and the media, who organised endless debates.

Why The US Will Not Stop Aiding Pakistan Even After Donald Trump’s Victory in 2016 Elections

Ever since the vivisection of India the two neighbours, India and Pakistan, have met each other in the battlefield more than twice. Unlike those 'quick triggering' ones, but more like the major explosion of the Atom Bomb itself, a 4th war brings about an explosion of fear of the holocaust - as never before. It is amazing that when countries' arms are twisted, the mighty destructive power of the Atom Bomb that has enticed global protests since Hiroshima, also brings about an equally powerful feather of peace.

Globe Effecting Local State Elections in India: How did BJP Win in Some States and Lost in Others?

Indian states viz. Uttar Pradesh, Utarakhanda, Punjab, Goa and Manipur went for the elections 2017. Although the BJP won lesser seats than Congress in the latter three states and won only in the former two, the scale of victory that has astounded many has been said to be a game changer in Indian politics. This is because, those victories disseminated BJP's opponents, including the historic national party- the Congress- from UP and Uttarakhand states.