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Friday, 25 April 2014

Why Muslims Should Vote for BJP/Modi for Their Betterment

The Ways of Indian Democracy

Since its partial (dominion) and then later full independence from Great Britain, India luckily has never seen an army rule like by Pakistan. Although, it veered closer to it during Mrs. Indira Gandhi's emergency rule, disliking it, its people eventhrew her out of power. Its impartial and dignified election commission has even brought the recognition ‘largest democracy in the world’.

But then, although at times India has transcended ethnic, faith, language and caste factorsas in the post emergency elections, its elections are generally determined by those realities.
In election, group voting counts and in search of that, while the BJP, at times, has gone for Ram temple issue, Congress has always got hold of the Muslim vote bank. To reap the benefits, while for BJP the largest NGO in the world the RSS/BHP isn’t enough and it has to go to the people, almost like USA loving and changing country's ways through a dictator, Congress just goes for the bosses of the Muslim faith. To create a vote bank - as a form of appeasement, it gives freebies in the form of facilities. A divide and rule at work is, thus, clear. Notwithstanding secularism itself is a threat to all faiths, while the less religious ones cry out 'Secularism is in threat' scaremongering, the many paths to one God ones go for a retort 'Congress is pseudo secular'.Almost reminding 'The tale of the two cities’, the tale of these two has been going on almost since independence. Being less or as less religious as the Congress, Indian media spices up the 'hostility' factor against the BJP.
Ever since the unexpected Hindu-Muslim Gujarat riots in which mostly Muslims died, but Modi's troops and Muslims also killed Hindus who made up half of the killed, Indian media has accused Modi for the riots. Leaving aside routine riots in other states, using half baked and concocted stories it, in fact, has orchestrated a media trial on him. This has led to both national and internal fear of Modi - amongst both Muslims and Hindus. Although all Muslims don’t oppose Modi, many - even ones frustrated with the Congress party – do. Although this fear is understandable, it is not based on facts.

The Need of The Country

Having regional parties who have their own tantrums, unlike in the USA, India suffers from the coalition government problem that barely manages to stay in power rather than be engaged in serious long term developmental works. The sadness is more because it has human and other resources to not only alleviate the poverty that it has, but to play a major role in the international scene. The only way, Indians can resolve the pathology is by electing a party that can form a strong central government with the majority. India can thus focus on the country’s development. Like Hindus, Muslims also have a duty to do so.

How Can Indian Muslims Help?

Muslims citizens can help the country by tracing the following:
1. Out of Vote Bank:
With the merging of European states into the European Union, merging of South East Asian countries into a productive ASIAN and merging of most cultures in the world into a universal civilization, today's globalized world sees merging of differing cultures and peoples into one. People of different countries contribute to its progress. Being or claiming to be different only increases differences and discord.
For Muslims, although being in a vote bank offers ‘freebies’ or just promises, this may not be compatible with Islam. In addition, it also offers baggage of being dependent and separate, which is less liked by fellow citizens. With their lot not getting any better, unlike their religious and political leaders, their reflection should be on whether they have been used. It should also include, why praise of a person in opposition is suppressed in the Islamic circle.
Being mostly the descendent of the great men who invented zero that this modern civilization depends upon so much, they can equally be proud of it and develop progressive individual thoughts as opposed to collective views. This will even restore the pride as a citizen, and invoke a duty that demands electing a stable government. Their suffering through a corrupt government is no different to that of Hindus.
2. Out of Congress:
Like the Hindus, Muslims are suffering the same sense of insecurity, price hike, corruption, lack of development etc. Having ruled the country the most since independence, this mess is created by the Congress party. While this itself should mean a no to Congress, rather than the problem remaining the same its victory will even make it worse. This is because unlike a BJP’s win in this crucial election, a Congress’s win simply makes its leaders invincible - despite being corrupt. Beyond creating almost a monarchical one party state, unpunished fearless corrupt will skyrocket corruption. While countrymen will be poor, inexperienced Rahul, who effectively needs his mum as a ‘regent’, won’t be able to do much. Although, both the Congress and the BJP are national parties, Muslim vote, therefore should not go for the Congress.
3. Out of Regional Parties:
Among the host of regional and national parties, BJP and Congress alone can offer a stable government at the center, if victorious. Rest of the parties that are regional and are loved and respected in their areas, are only spoilers of a stable central government. By slicing votes they lessen the chances of a single party government, and what follows is a coalition government that is not good for a strong and vibrant India. Though selecting a useful person of any party is tempting, without a stable and progressive central government loved local MP cannot do much for the constituency. The center needs to be strong and the country needs to follow a vision. Selecting a central party candidate and not the regional party candidate thus becomes prudent.
4. Into The BJP/Modi Fold:
It is not that BJP is a central party, has not had much chance in forming a stable government in the center and ‘Congress is corrupt’ that should make Muslims vote for it; the party offers much more.
Forming a coalition government, while it produced what was termed as ‘India shining’ in the past (that brought pride to Muslims as well) despite the constraints of earthquakes, clash with Pakistan and other issues, it is producing development in the states that it is ruling now. Women feel more protected. While its leader talks about utilising local resources in developing India, its manifesto gives a clear cut plan about the future vision of India. Its vision gives importance to the nation, irrespective of cast, creed and ethnicity. This should be good for Muslims, who then can have their pride enhanced vis a vis the world. Voting BJP thus gives Muslims more than a sense of getting rid of the Congress - a stable central government and progress for all. Moreover, Muslims loved Vajpayee and BJP’s connection with the RSS didn’t bring about persecution of Muslims then. Today, Muslims see Vajpayee in its chief Rajnath.

Unfounded Fear of the BJP/RSS:

With the BJP being associated with the RSS, and media harping abuses on the organisation, it is natural for Muslims, even some Hindus, to fear the RSS.
Although it has grievances of history’s political and today’s legal and social wrongs (the latter is also felt by Muslims), and has shown some emotional outbursts – as during the demolition of the Babri Masjid, unlike its media portrayal, it is a much disciplined institution.
Being in control being innocuous and masculine desire seeking more than one wife, the need of its members to vow celibacy airs the control inherent. Its scary Hindutwa, almost like Halal, in fact, aspires for respect for different faiths, as opposed to secularism which disregards religions. Accused at home not withstanding its social work during peacetimes and during calamities, it is respected by governments of developed countries. Although accused of enticing local incidents, being the largest NGO in the world, if it so desired it can easily cause mayhem in India. Despite provocation of losing the North East through forceful conversions, it is even enigmatically silent on Christian missionaries. Unlike in Saudi Arabia, where even prophet’s structures are demolished, it even agrees to resolve the historic wrong in Ayodhya under the framework ofthe constitution. Socially it may look conservative, progress wise it isn’t. It is a nationalistic force comparable to the Chinese ethos. In fact, it wants to recreate the prosperity of India (like the Chinese aspiration) that was in India even before Islam came to Arabia. Entrapped in corruption, even Muslims should love this glory vis a vis the competing China and the West.

Unfounded Fear of Modi:

Although his timely called out troops also killed rioting Hindus, who amounted to half the people killed in the 2002 Gujarat riots, and his TV threat of dire consequences to the rioters is still in YouTube, Modi has been accused of orchestrating the riots. Unlike routine riots in states under secular ones, where Muslims suffer, through half-truths and concocted stories, the media has made Modi the most vilified CM in history. Despite court and the SIT considering him innocent, his clarifications in many interviews and him repeatedly getting voted by Muslims, this vilification has not only given a negative perspective amongst Muslims and Hindus but even amongst BJP workers. A legally innocent person suffering such an abuse is tragic, anywhere. Thus, as aired by 'If Modi is a divider, he divides people into ones who follow the media hype and the ones who do research', Muslims need to go for evidence than just trace media and their leaders, who have agendas. Even if they were to distrust the courts, they should get answers to these questions.
Modi hasn’t just dropped into Indian politics, not to know about his governing ways. Far from facing another riot that was to be expected from a killer after 2002 riots, why are Gujarati Muslims not migrating outward, but progressing, increasingly going to Hajj and repeatedly voting for Modi in Gujarat? Where is evidence of the division of people that he is feared of bringing? Why do Muslim leaders demonise Muslims who truthfully praise him? Who loses when Modi rises? Why are frustrated Muslim leaders of other parties joining BJP? Why is he praising freedom of speech and praising Media for making him what he is today?
Personally, despite a decade of vilification, he hasn’t harmed any reporter. Far from being a cheating husband - that is, getting increasingly common, almost reminding Buddha’s sacrifice, he has sacrificed his wife for the sake of service to the nation. Even Americans would be proud to have a politician who makes such a sacrifice for the country. Practically, the ones who sacrifice are much less corrupt.
His speeches are full of development plans; not just fairy tales, but unique plans for each state e. g. English in North East and saris in Banaras. Far from dividing India, he wants to make India well developed and strong vis a vis the world. Intelligent West doesnot fear him because he is going to divide Indians - as hyped, they fear him because he is going to be the 'Indian Putin' who speaks in his own terms.

And Finally

Still worried Muslims can be assured that Indian constitutions allow 5 yearly elections to throw him out if necessary and doesn’t allow divisions. Even if that is not trusted, unlike ‘lonesome’ Tehelka in 2002, today’s globalized social media like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook make everyone a reporter. In simple terms, India will not have a divider.
Muslims can thus either vote for Congress and continue with their misery, or be part of a stable and developed India that will go for international recognition under BJP/Modi.

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