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Friday, 25 April 2014

A Modi victory would bode ill for India, say Rushdie, Kapoor, Khan, Bhabha et al. in The Guardian - A Rebuttal

The One Factor: Fear of Mr Modi

The 0, invented in India, has changed the world, but almost parallel to 1 God influencing mankind media, of late, seems to be abuzz with India invoked number 1. This is because the talk is about one person Modi, one incident Gujarat riots 2002, one accusation of him not controlling the riots, one election of him getting chance to rule India and one fear of a divided India under his rule.
Seeing leftist Indian media 'making a living' out of misreporting and creating stories against Modi although right wingers reserved the hash tag #paidmedia for it, forced possibly more by the rise and rise of Modi it has toned down its rhetoric. Almost as a foreign aid or admonition or an answer to a call like 'workers of the world unite' western media including The Economist, Guardian and even the BBC have come up with the single chorus 'Say not to Modi' to amplify the one. Although by no means of media but by all means people successful in their own fields, a group ‘led’ by ones with blood from the East e.g. Salman Rushdie, Homi Bhabha, A Kapoor etc. by publishing a letter against Modi in The Guardian even added spice to the ‘one’.

Why Muslims Should Vote for BJP/Modi for Their Betterment

The Ways of Indian Democracy

Since its partial (dominion) and then later full independence from Great Britain, India luckily has never seen an army rule like by Pakistan. Although, it veered closer to it during Mrs. Indira Gandhi's emergency rule, disliking it, its people eventhrew her out of power. Its impartial and dignified election commission has even brought the recognition ‘largest democracy in the world’.

The Economist Blames Modi and Supports Rahul as Lesser Evil inthe Eve ofthe Indian Election 2014: A Rebuttal

The economist has used its circulation and opinion might, just before the 2014 elections, to influence the Indian voters to vote for Rahul Gandhi - as a lesser of the two evils. As a result of a plan or just a right timing - almost making it a double whammy, it received a heavy Indian media coverage and the consequent intensive reaction.