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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Kashmir Has Benefited Its Elite: Is Kashmir A Sweet Poison That Pakistan Needs To Deal With?

A country seeded by Sir Iqbal, materialised by Jinnah, made religious by Gen Zia, militarised by America, united by enemy Hindu India and in love with a burning Kashmir, Pakistan, shows more signs of problems than solutions.

1. Religious 2. Political 3. Economic 4. Legal 4. Social 5. Kashmir

Kejriwal's AAP Party: Why Its Beginning Was Good For India And Why Its End Will Be Good

Lending a helping hand to Anna's fight against corruption till a brand was formed, maintaining the goal yet parting ways as if tracing Gandhi/Netaji split - with or without the guru's blessing - yet riding high on the brand so made as if it was a gift from the guru, Anna, Kejriwal formed a group. Not quite like the 'if you can't beat them join them' his group suddenly formed a party with a difference- AAP.