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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Like The Iranian Islamic Revolution The Indian Elections 2014 Win by The BJP Was a Hindu Revolution: The Why, The Need & The Effect

(BJP/Modi won the Indian elections 2014. Though the global philosophers  haven't said so, in a 3 part series this author argues that the change is a Hindu Revolution. While this 1st part argues, why it is a Hindu Revolution (HR) and strengthening the case the 2nd part will argue why the Hindus feel that it was necessary, the 3rd part will  argue whether the world needs to fear the revolution like the Iranian Islamic Revolution)
The late Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran

The Islamic Revolution in Iran


In 1970, surprisingly using a French government chartered flight, Ayatollah Khomeini landed in Tehran amidst a thunderous applause that heralded an Islamic Revolution in Iran.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

SAARC Leaders Meet in Delhi: Did Modi And Sharif as Democrats Transcend Borders to Unite Against The Pak Army?

(Modi took a bold step and invited SAARC leaders for his swearing in ceremony as PM. Nawaz Sharif, who met Modi found the talks more fruitful than expected. Was there more than what meets the eye in their talk?)

The Bold Invitation by Mr Modi
Modi won a landslide victory in the recently concluded elections in India. While that was a surprise, his invitations to all the SAARC heads of governments to grace his swearing in ceremony was a bigger surprise for one and all. Almost as an export, the surprise even landed in Pakistan.