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Monday, 3 December 2012

Has Humanity Failed? Do We Need The Fear Of God To Keep Us Civilized And Happy?

Although Renaissance enriched and enhanced religions, rigid Reformation that followed fragmented its unity. Even though latter enhanced blind faith, using logics to expose The Church it surprisingly gave way to logic on matters mundane. Stretching logic science suddenly emerged as Enlightenment saw the light of the day. While Right of Man gave commoner the right to make social laws with logic that lessened divine social laws, Freud’s making of science out of sex lessened divine sexual laws. While state’s non preference for one church- secularism - hurt state’s support for religion, Darwin’s preference for historic skeletons hurt support for God itself. With era of ‘good news’ changing to era of logic, as if asserting ‘It’s a cash orientated society’, faith grabbed a bear graph and science the bull.

Sexual Revolution Plus: A Joyous Or Fearful Event For Women In The Developing Countries Like India And Pakistan?

All women are not the same. Some want to have success like men others are simply happy expressing their maternal instincts and duties. While some abhor sex and not really like men, others like them - specially the stars and love sex when stimulated. Others approach men in loving the opposite sex and sex. Although this may be due to genes and upbringing, and is seen even amongst animals, if we were to exclude whoring that is even done by chimps but for trade alone, our females are probably the only animals that can be converted to the last group - lovers of sex.