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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Do We Need Anonymity For Surfing Like The Laws For Phone Tapping?

The recent phone tapping issue not only closed UK’s paper, News of the World, and left its innocent workers at disarray but also incited a clash between the border disregarding merchants (Rupert Murdoch's empire) and the border defending politicians. Almost reminding Clash of civilizations, a Hindu could easily see a clash between Kchhetrias and Vaisyas.
Although the paper died, following the clash, BSkyB suddenly survived.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Why The New York Times Reporting On Straus-Kahn Case Is Bad Reporting?

With civilized society not functioning properly without justice and society even turning into ‘jungle raj’ without it, people even sacrifice their lives for the sake of it. While a civilized justice system offers punishment to those who break the law, it makes sure that even criminals are entitled to justice.
A thief cannot be assaulted by a mob. Law takes its course. Similarly, although her profession is to make love with many people and her character cannot be said to be ideal, a forceful sex with a prostitute is still regarded as rape. That is what a civilized society is all about.