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Friday, 27 May 2011

Can Distressed Pakistan Fight Terrorism On Its Soil After The Karachi Attack?

Formed out of fear of Hindu majority, maintained by hostility towards India, ruled by the only institute that is widely respected there- the army, and prided by Gen Zia’s islamization, secular designed Pakistan suddenly looked so united and strong.

With voters either not turning up to vote- that shocked Ms Bhutto once, or uneasily voting for the lesser of the two evils in exclusion of the fresher Imran Khan, its ordinary mortals didn’t quite mind military takeovers. 

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Did Distrust Of Pakistan Aid In The Nabbing Of Bin Laden?

Although an admired figure for some Muslims but bogyman and a shadowy one for the rest, almost reminding an episode of massive heart attack, Bin Laden is suddenly dead and World is abuzz with ‘Bin Laden’- the talk of the town. Although ‘world will be a safer place’ and his ascent to heaven after a ‘brilliant’ burial is doubted, improved chances of Obama’s reelection isn’t.

Ever since he made the mighty empire come down to its knees with double hit on the twin towers, almost reminding Helen of Troy, this man made nations clash. Robbed of nationhood and badly bruised but not quite dead, akin to sacrifice for a cause, this millionaire headed for Tora Bora caves- where only a kind God, if not an incompetent CIA extended his life on earth.