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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Did The Chinese Civilization Contribute To The Modern World?

With satellite TV offering us views and scientists researching even on the remotest tribe, we know so much about the inhabitants of the corners of the world today. Unlike the shock of seeing the person of other race for the first time, migration has made meeting and friendship between people of different races possible.
In fact, with love marriage becoming the mainstay of marriage, especially in the western world, we are even seeing mixed race people. With the aid of social networking sites, we have even made friendship with persons from the other corner of the world.

Things were, however, very different in history. People then had no clue about the people living in the other parts of the world. This is why Vasco de Gama, who travelled to India and China, and made the Europeans aware of those countries and their riches, was so famous. That fame even made Christopher Columbus 'discover' America. Having full confidence in their system, people in a particular culture believed that they were the best. While Japanese thought they were the descendants of the sun god, Chinese thought others were barbarians and Indians thought others were impure, proud Europeans, later, even wanted to civilize the rest. Those were, what I call, 'pocket civilizations'.

Modern Civilization, on other hand is a unified civilization formed by the contributions of many civilizations. In fact, all 'pocket civilizations' are merging towards this civilization to form a unified culture. Unlike history's masculine 'we are the best', at least in theory, this believes in the feminine, 'equality of mankind'.

In this scenario, let us see what China offered to the Modern Worl.

Although producing almost a one man civilization, Chairman Mao reduced many achievements of the past to zero to restart again; China of history can boast many inventions offered by an uninterrupted civilization stretching for more than 2 millennia. It was a question of transferring these inventions and discoveries to the West. However, with it being far away from Europe, there was very little direct connection between the two to offer any direct influence. In this instance, the Islamic world, as a connector between the two, not only benefited from being a neighbour of both, it also enjoyed trade through the Silk Road. With the Koran being a divine word not fit for printed version, although printing got a delayed entry to Europe, many other Chinese inventions made their way to Europe earlier.

In course of time, however, Chinese contribution to the Modern World remained little known till Needham detailed them as a big list. Although paper, printer, gunpowder and acupuncture are the principle things that China gave to the world, there are many discoveries and inventions that we take for granted, including silk, suspension bridge, WC and the concept of Yan and Yin that have their origin in China.

Noting these and many more, the book with a strange name 'Women's Power: Its Past, Its Present, Its Future: Femocracy ' gives dignity to the Sinic Civilisation and helps equality.


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